Bay Area Services

Bay Area Services

Volunteers of America Bay Area services include Community Re-Entry Programs, Foster Youth Services, and Affordable Housing.

Community Re-Entry Programs

Intake Process:

All Bay Area Re-Entry clients are referred by probation officers, or the Department of Corrections.

Parole Service Centers

Parole Service Centers help previous offenders transition from incarceration to living in the community. West House and Elsie Dunn programs are both Parole Service Centers offering onsite housing for recently released offenders, giving clients access to educational and employment training to bolster their ability at finding and keeping employment.

Project Choice

Project Choice provides newly released offenders with job skills, educational resources, housing assistance, and a variety of tools to aid in their reintegration into the community. By helping our clients find adequate employment and housing, together we are transforming our community into a safer, healthier place.

Foster Youth Services

Application Process:

Social Workers & Collaborative Partners: to request services for foster children, please download the Program Referral Form and send completed forms by fax:(510) 325-1107 or email:

Caregivers & Foster Youth: to request services for foster children, please download the Program Inquiry & Information Update Form and send completed forms by fax: (510) 325-1107 or email:

For more information email or call (510) 325-1107

Make a difference for our foster youth by helping with mentors, life-skills education, college scholarships, and a variety of supportive services.

Dare to Dream Scholarship Program: eligible foster youth can apply to apply for the Dare to Dream academic scholarships. Completed applications are being accepted from February 1st - April 10th, 2018. Learn more here: 2018 Dare to Dream Scholarship.

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