Birdies for Charity

Pledge Campaign is from May 18th - June 4th.

The charity with the most pledges on June 4th will be given an additional $1,000.00 from the Barracuda Championship.

What is Birdies for Charity?

We invite you to support us through Birdies for Charity®, an exciting fundraising program for the Barracuda Championship. The Barracuda will take place this year from July 30th to August 5th! If you pick the correct amount of birdies, you can also win some great prizes!!

We will receive 110% of every penny we raise through Birdies for Charity®. The Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation, which manages the Barracuda Championship and Birdies for Charity®, pays all costs to run the program.

How it Works

You can make a minimum pledge of one penny or more per birdie. The value of your pledge is based on the number of birdies made during the Barracuda Championship.

You can also make a flat contribution; with $20 being the requested minimum. All pledges and donations we receive will be matched 10% from Barracuda Championship. So if you donate $500, we will receive $550.

Please be sure to scroll down to Volunteers of America NCNN when asked what charity you are supporting! You can make an online pledge at and designate your donation to Volunteers of America NCNN. After the tournament, Barracuda Championship will bill you for the amount of your commitment.

Thank you in advance for your support! — with Barracuda Championship and Birdies for Charity.