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Community Re-Entry: Bay Area

Pioneers in correctional services for the formerly incarerated.

Over 65% of those released from California’s prison system return within 3 years.

In Bay area, men leaving incarceration face a wide variety of challenges. Volunteers of America in the Bay Area provides a variety of services to help these individuals start new, healthy lives, significantly reducing recidivism. These services enrich the lives of the men we serve through education, employment counseling, job training, parenting classes, life-skills workshops and more. At the same time, our community is improved by helping men transform into better husbands, fathers, employees and neighbors. Go to our Locations and Contacts page for details on each site.

A small vignette of the lives of two youths who were able to realize their dreams of higher education with the help of Volunteers of America.

Re-Entry Programs

  • Crew Based Employment Program

    The Crew Based Employment Program provides young men 18-35 gain job and life skills through a partnership with City of Oakland Parks and Recreation Department. Participants have the opportunity to rebuild their lives while providing valuable service to their community.

  • Parole Service Centers

    Parole Service Centers help previous offenders transition from incarceration to living in the community. West House and Elsie Dunn programs are both Parole Service Centers offering onsite housing for recently released offenders, giving clients access to educational and employment training to bolster their ability at finding and keeping employment.

  • Project Choice

    Project Choice provides newly released offenders with job skills, educational resources, housing assistance, and a variety of tools to aid in their reintegration into the community. By helping our clients find adequate employment and housing, together we are transforming our community into a safer, healthier place.