Fill a Backpack

Every new backpack filled with supplies you donate helps a local student in need.

Operation Backpack supports youth living in shelters, transitional housing and foster youth throughout Northern California. Follow the steps below, and know that every filled backpack is one more life changed. These lists are based on consultation with regional schools to make sure students have all the tools they need for the appropriate grade level.

You'll be Helping Kids in No Time

  • 1. Download the Supply Lists 
    Download the supply lists for elementary school (K-6th) and middle/high school (7-12th).

    2. Shop for Backpacks and Supplies
    Go to the store to get a new backpack and school supplies. Then fill the backpack (or backpacks) with the requested grade-specific supplies.

    3. Fill Out the Contact Info
    Fill out your contact information and place the school supply list inside the backpack.

  • 4. Find a Drop Off Location
    Locate your nearest Drop Location to donate. (Check back in June for our 2020 drop-off locations.)

    5. Encourage Others
    Encourage others to get involved by spreading the word or by posting a photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #VOAncnn #OperationBackpack

Regional Contact Information