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On the right track

Lynda said Volunteers of America Northern California got her on the right track and she will not be detoured. There is a bright future now for her and her girls. Please join us in helping her continue this journey.

Hear her story in her own words.

Lynda, and several other mothers & children at our Mather Community Campus, shared their moving stories in this 8 minute film produced for our annual Shelter from the Storm breakfast in May 2016. Please take a moment to hear directly from them.

A lifelong journey that now has a new day rising

At 31, Lynda remembers being introduced to drugs at 13 and then taught by her mom and grandma to be a functioning addict. Although, maybe Lynda was functioning on drugs, she wasn't living the way a mom of two daughters should.With her pre-teen daughters in tow, Lynda always found a place for them to sleep, even if it was a couch or floor of a "friend".At the beginning of the month, when food stamps came in she would fill the refrigerator with food.Her 13 year old daughter, Katrina, said it always felt like Christmas morning, they couldn't wait to see what was in the refrigerator!But within a couple of days the roommates would devour the food that was meant for them.Katrina and her little sister Korina, don't have to worry anymore about food , sleeping on the floor or moving schools three times in one year.They are proud of their mom who just celebrated one year of sobriety, is working part time and going to school to be a truck driver.In less than 2 months, Lynda will have her Class A license, be a quality, highly motivated, drug free candidate that will benefit any company willing to hire her. Lynda, says the housing, classes, job training, workshops, and counseling offered by Volunteers of America isn't just putting a former addict back to work, it is giving a single mom the tools to nurture, support and provide for her family.She is thriving but just as importantly her girls are thriving, which makes our community thrive.