Mather Community Campus: Board Updates

June 26, 2019

Rancho Cordova Interfaith Council
Provided a presentation to Rancho Cordova pastors who are interested in supporting homeless services. Although most of the members were unaware of Mather Community Campus, they all want to be advocates to keep the program funded at full capacity. Christie will continue to follow up with its members.

Bayside Midtown Church
The outreach pastor set up a meeting with Christie, Ana and Sherman to learn more about the issues around Mather. His goal is to ask all Bayside Churches to do a second collection for Mather. They raised $500k for the Santa Rosa fires in one day. We would like other faith groups to consider this as well.

June 25, 2019

Leo, Sherman and Christie met with Mayor Steinberg. The Mayor suggested that the City and County staff sit down and see how they could work together. His focus is primarily on getting people off the street and housed but is willing to talk about funding transitional beds if the County comes up with more money.

Sherman also met with Susan Peters Chief of Staff who was supportive.

June 24, 2019

Community Leaders Meeting at Mather Community Campus
Community leaders from local government and the private sector gathered to learn about Mather's loss of funding and how they could help. The following groups and individuals were in attendance: Sutter Health, Kaiser, Golden One, Wells Fargo, Chief of Staff for Don Nottoli and Sue Frost, City of Rancho Cordova Deputy City Manager, John McGinness (KFBK), Millicent Ozdagler (KCRA 3 Special Projects), Barbara O'Connor (CSUS professor of Gov't Affairs), Paul Esch, Scott Drysch, John Orr, Swen Carlson, Frank Radoslovich, and Kent Lacin. City of Sacramento Council member Jeff Harris stopped by to advocate for the funding for Mather. He is actively advocating with his fellow council members to provide $1.4 million (an equal amount to the County) to fund Mather. He encouraged everyone to contact the Mayor and other city council members to urge them to vote to reallocate a portion of the shelter money to Mather. John McGinness is going to make calls and to have VOA (and Nick) on to talk about the importance of funding Mather. Wells Fargo would check to see if they could get additional funds to help. KCRA 3, offered to do additional stories. In addition, we have asked Elliot Troshinsky (KCRA 3 GM) to host a telethon for VOA on July 12th.

June 21, 2019 (follow up)

French Film Festival - Crest Theatre - Opening Night
During the VIP Reception, JT VOA's Former Foster Youth sold 10 of his 12 paintings that he displayed during the reception.

Prior to the premiere of Les Invisibles, Kent and Alumni Niki introduced Mather Community Campus and the issue around funding. They then presented Niki's testimonial video to a full house. It was very well received, and many patrons texted Mather to 52886 to support the funding loss.

Board members in attendance included: Kent, Melissa, Nick, and Jesus were present along with three Mather alumni - Thank you for representing VOA!

June 21, 2019

If you are looking for something fun to do tonight please consider joining Nick and Kent at the French Film Festival at the Crest Theatre. Interesting enough the French film being shown is on homelessness in France. Prior to the French Film premiere, one of our Mather Alumni videos will be shown. Kent and the alumni, Niki, will introduce it and explain a little about Mather Community Campus. At the end of the night, they will also be on hand to answer any questions about MCC.

In addition, JT, our Adolfo resident, and artist will be showing his art at prior to the filming at a reception.

For more information on the French Film Festival click on the link below:

June 20, 2019 (Update)

Location Change: Monday's Advocacy Committee Meeting will now take place at Mather Community Campus (3587 Bleckely Street, Mather, CA). The meeting is still at 12:00 p.m.

June 20, 2019

    We have leveraged significant support from local Board of Supervisors, Sac City Council members, and other community leaders. Here is a list of meetings and activity that has taken place this week thus far:

    • Supervisor Don Nottoli - Don was very supportive and offered to talk to Sac County CEO, Gil Nav to advocate for more resources. In addition, Don is sending his chief of staff to Monday's meeting.
    • Supervisor Phil Serna - Phil was very supportive and offered to contact Angelo Tsakopoulos to set up a meeting between him and Sherman; Phil will also reach out to Sierra Health Foundation, Sac Regional Foundation, in addition to speaking with Nav Gil. He suggested that if the City, Healthcare and the business sector could all come up with money, then the County perhaps could come up with another $100k+
    • Supervisor Sue Frost - Sue was very supportive of Mather, but restated that the County has no money. She would like the City to fund Mather with some of the Measure U funds. She is sending her chief of staff to Monday's meeting.
    • City Councilmember Jeff Harris - Jeff is a big fan of Mather and agreed that it is far more cost effective to fund 90 beds for $1 million (current shortfall) than for them to hit the streets and cost the local government 10x that amount. He promised to talk to the Mayor to have the City commit $1 million.
    • Downtown Sacramento Partnership (DSP) - Dion Dwyer is interested to know how many of their chronic homeless have made it out to Mather. Sherman is looking into it. DSP is primarily concerned with getting 90 people off their streets into permanent housing.
    • Press Release was sent on the 19th. The Sacramento Bee ran an article about the potential reduction of services. KFBK ran a story Wednesday night and Thursday morning. CBS News was in route to do an interview when they were called off on the tragic officer shooting.
    • Advocacy Email campaign launched on the 19th around 2 p.m. By that evening over 370 emails had been sent to local and state officials urging them to support Mather Campus.
    • Mayor Steinberg's Fundraiser - Leo attended and talked briefly about the deficit at Mather.
    • Meeting scheduled with Mayor for Tuesday, June 25th
    • Meeting with 18 local government and business leaders scheduled for June 24th at Noon at 3434 Marconi.
    • Facebook - 120 shares of the Sac Bee article - Many many past graduates commented stating that the program saved their life.
    • Facebook - 21 shares of
    • The Sacramento French Film Festival will run one of Kent's graduate testimonial video clips prior to the French Film premiere on homelessness in France. At the end of the film they will encourage the audience to text Mather to 52886 to send an email to their officials. Kent will be present to talk about Mather.
    • We will continue to reach out to advocates. Please share information through your networks.

June 14, 2019

We have had a busy week with MCC graduation, meeting with advocates and preparing a strategy to create a groundswell of support for Mather ($1 mil). These are the audiences we are reaching out to: local City and County officials, State officials, Health Care, Private Sector, Media and the Faith Community. Let me know if there is a leader in one of these sectors that would be a strong ally.
Next week I will have a page on our website that will host all information about our campaign, materials, strategy, updates and how you can help. This page will only be accessed via a link that I will send you. You will not need private credentials just the link. I will then send you a reminder email when their is new information or you can access it at any time to see where we are at and what is coming up.

In the meantime, we have meetings scheduled, thus far, with city and county officials. We are working on Assembly and Senate next to get to the Governor. We definitely will need private sector dollars to cover the gap till the State money can flow in. Hopefully, those from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership could help. Let me know if you have personal relationships with any members of DSP:We have an advocacy push that will hit on Monday or Tuesday. Please call me if you have any questions or email me directly.