Mather Community Campus

Mather Community Campus (Mather) is an employment and rehabilitative transitional housing program.

Mather Community Campus: A 12-month employment and rehabilitative transitional housing program. Mather clients live in studio style or multi room apartments as they participate in on-site pre-employment and vocational training, alcohol and drug recovery, credit and identity repair, case management, housing and job placement assistance.

"When I leave here I'll have my pride, my dignity, and my life back."

Combined, Mather offers 40 units for single veterans and 70 units for families, housing 180 men, women, and children each night. Annually, the Mather program transitions an average of 150 households who leave with increased income or employment and housing. VOA works with 200 local businesses for job placement and, as a result, the program experiences a 96% success rate for clients who complete the program. Since its inception, Mather has transitioned over 4,500 homeless individuals out of homelessness.


    • Transitional housing
    • Job training and placement assistance 
    • Adult Charter School 
    • Substance abuse counseling 
    • Credit and identity repair services 
    • Financial literacy education 
    • Parenting classes 
    • Assistance with securing permanent housing 
    • Full Veteran’s Service Center 
    • Referrals to other community services 

    • Military veterans
    • Former foster youth
    • Families with children 


    • 33 acre campus with 14 service/housing buildings
    • 150 clients complete the program annually
    • 96% of clients who complete the program leave homelessness for good
    • 1,481 Veterans access Mather programs annually
    • 68 former foster youth accessed Mather services in 2018


In 1993, the Federal Government identified the Mather Air Force Base for closure under the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC). The McKinney-Vento Act of 1987 offered community-based and non-profit organizations the opportunity to acquire base property and assets for homeless services. In 1993, Sacramento requested and received control of 33 acres of the Mather Air Force base to develop a transitional housing program for families and single homeless individuals. This marked the birth of VOA’s Mather Community Campus. In 1996, President Bill Clinton and HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo named Mather Community Campus Transitional Housing Program the best transitional housing program in the country during an award presentation in Washington D.C. Today, Mather Community Campus is a thriving, innovative, and successful program model with a multitude of support services for individuals transitioning out of homelessness.