Meet Reno’s New Development Team!


This month, we're proud to introduce two new members of our Reno Development team: Lauren Anderson, Development Manager, and Nick Tscheekar, Major Gifts Officer.

Lauren comes to us with a background in nonprofit development, previously working with VOA Southwest. Her passion for serving the community stems from her involvement with organizations such as Feeding America and Alexandria House. Lauren is eager to share the stories and experiences of our clients, and to inform our partners about ways they can support VOA in its mission to assist individuals struggling with homelessness.

"Ever since I was young, my mother worked for a homeless organization in LA, which inspired me to get involved in organizations like VOA," Lauren says. "I'm thrilled to be in a position where I can help those in need, as helping others has always been a passion of mine."

Prior to joining VOA, Nick spent eight years at the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada, where he led housing initiatives and educational programs. Nick was first introduced to VOA through their Village on Sage Street partnership with the Community Foundation.

"What impressed me most about VOA was the personalized care their staff provided to each client," Nick says. "From operating the Cares Campus to providing permanent supportive housing, VOA has the right programs, facilities, and team to change the lives of those in our community who are most vulnerable. I'm looking forward to building relationships with those who make VOA's great work possible."

If you'd like to connect with Lauren or Nick to learn more about VOA's work in Reno, you can reach them at (702) 857-5193 or via email at and