Moral Injury

VOA's national moral injury initiative was featured during our Shelter from the Storm fundraising breakfast May 2, 2019. Our affiliate looks forward to implementing this promising new tool that we can use to help people reach their full potential.

Moral injury is a relatively recent term used to describe a crisis that soldiers have faced for centuries, the internal suffering that results from doing something against your moral code. In essence, it is a wound to the conscience. However, it is not just military members that can experience this. And what is "this?" It is soul anguish, a broken spirit, a shredded soul. Read on to see how many close to VOA have overcome Moral Injury, and also how you can help those near you.

Moral Injury

Striving for Balance: A Female Veteran’s Battle with PTSD and Past Childhood Abuse

by Shela Webb, VOA veteran team member and moral injury survivor

"My injuries date back to when I was very young...My entire life has been spent living within extremes: too much bad and too little good. I am slowly starting to find the middle where there is calm."

Read more about Shela's story here.

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    What is Moral Injury?

    Learn more about what Moral Injury is, how it affects us, and why we need to address it.

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    Personal Stories of Moral Injury

    Being able to share a profoundly personal story of moral injury and be heard is essential to the recovery process.

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    Moral Injury Resources

    For additional information on moral injury and PTSD, we have summarized some websites, books, movies and journal articles that cover the topic.

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