Sacramento's Home for Abused Seniors May Shut Down Without Help

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — One of the only homes for abused and neglected seniors in the Sacramento area is about to shut down unless someone steps in to help.

After getting sick and being kicked out of her home, Lita Formoso had nowhere to go—until her doctor told her about the Sacramento Senior Safe House.

“They are good, they’re very very good,” she said. “It’s nice, it’s a pretty house. I have my own room.”

But the 75-year-old and others living at the home may soon be back to where they started—on the streets or back in the homes where they had been rescued from abuse.

Christie Holderegger is with Volunteers of America, the group that runs the senior safe home. She says funding dried up after the chief donor passed away a few months ago.

Without that money, the home, which works closely with Adult Protective Services, will close in four short weeks. “There is no other place for seniors to go that are being abused and neglected,” she said. “We haven’t been able to receive the funding, and we can no longer operate under a deficit.”

It will take $200,000 Feb. 14 to allow the home to continue to serve through June. So far the foundation says they only has $6,000.

For Lita, she says she can’t even imagine what she’ll do.

“I beg people to help us,” she pleaded. “Make our life go on.”

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