Sacramento Triage Shelter

This Shelter Closed in April, 2019

After four extensions, VOA's Triage Shelter came to a close on April 30th.

The Triage Shelter was designed to provide resources to the "shelter resistant" or "unshelterable". What we learned was that they were not resistant. They wanted to be housed but many suffered from traumatic experiences that left "moral injuries" that when left unaddressed lead to mental illness, addiction and homelessness.

We are proud to have helped move 167 individuals into housing. Many of these individuals have been homeless for upwards of 40 years. Thank you for your support over the last 18 months. Please keep our friends in your prayers.

As part of the City of Sacramento's innovative solutions to bring services and housing to those most in need, the Sacramento Triage Shelter opened Dec 8, 2017. The Triage Shelter was operated by Volunteers of America and provided shelter and meals in a safe, warm and dignified space for those who were typically shelter resistant. This unique coed 100-bed low barrier shelter also accommodated guests, pets and their possessions. Our collaborative partners helped with addressing housing, health, and other services.

CALmatters - To help people off the streets and into shelters, welcome their pets?

VOA is partnering with Front Street Animal Shelter to provide emergency shelter and meals in a safe, warm space for individuals experiencing homelessness and their pets.

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VIDEO - Sacramento Triage Shelter

Meet the people you brought in from the cold at the first ever Triage Shelter in North Sacramento. 

The Sacramento Bee - Why making connections is essential to the homeless community’s healing process

The Sacramento Bee featured an op/ed from our very own Division Director of Shelter Services, David Silveira. David writes to emphasize the importance of community in the healing process to those struggling on their path to healing and reintegration into our society. Read the full piece below.

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View the most recent shelter data provided by the City of Sacramento here

If you are in need of homeless less services or for more INTAKE information please CALL 311 for the City’s hotline to report a homeless camp needing contacted by the Outreaxh Team or for your own assessment for access to the Triage shelter. 

For ways to help or donate, please contact Volunteers of America at

For MEDIA ONLY inquiries, please contact: Mary Lynne Vellinga, City of Sacramento Office of the Mayor Communications Director

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