Share the Warmth

Your Love Can Bring Warmth to Your Community This Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and our friends and neighbors struggling with homelessness will soon be faced with freezing temperatures and wet conditions. For some, that struggle can be life-threatening.

In a matter of months, Monique experienced more loss than anyone can bear. The loss of her mother, brother, and sister led her to break her 17-year-long sobriety. She needed comfort, and with no one le to give it to her, she turned back to drugs. Soon, she found herself homeless. 

Living outdoors is no easy feat, despite what many think. For Monique, it became life-threatening. A foot injury became so severe that it led to the amputation of all 10 of her toes. She was temporarily constrained to a wheelchair and felt stuck in every way.

Through so much loss and devastation, Monique still found the strength to reach out and ask for help. Because of you, VOA was able to provide her with the comfort she longed for. You showed her that there are people in our community who truly care. Monique is now smiling again, and she says, “I have my mojo back!” She no longer feels the sting of anger or resentment, but instead she is hopeful for her future.

Share the Warmth and make an impact on women like Monique today.

Start or join a team, or make a gift to show a neighbor you care. Thank you for changing lives.