Shelter from the Storm Annual Breakfast, Reno

2018 RENO Shelter from the Storm Breakfast

Our annual fundraising breakfast event was held on November 13th, 2018. Over 380 guests joined us to hear from our individuals, children and families whose lives have been changed with help from Volunteers of America and supporters like you. Each of you is critical to our continued success. Providing food and shelter is not the answer alone to change lives of our clients in Northern Nevada, this year, our goal is to raise $350,000 in addition to what we receive from government grants. These funds help to expand and enhance programming to build that strong foundation and allow us to operate our programs and fully care for our clients and the well-being of our community.

Please find our 2018 Shelter from the Storm short documentary about our Reno programs and how "Love Starts Here" that premiered at the event, and the two VOA graduates that shared their inspiring stories.

Together we can change lives by building a strong foundation that will last a lifetime.

Please join us to give hope and show that Love Starts here ... make a gift today!

While the backgrounds vary, what the former and current clients who will take the stage at Shelter from the Storm share is how the course of their stories changed for the better because of the intervention of the programs, the staff, and the supporters of Volunteers of America.
BELOW are some sneak peaks at their stories as they will share them as a voice for others...

A Voice for Others - Lenora

Lenora and Omar came to the Volunteers of America Family Shelter in May of 2018. With the tools provided to her, she has been able to find full-time employment and they will move into her own home at the end of October 2018.

"I am a living witness to how VOA changed my life! I don't feel alone anymore."


lenora_20and_20omar_20sfts_20reno.JPG Lenora and her son Omar

A Voice for Others - Alex

"In the darkest hour of my life, when I was full of hopelessness and pain, I found a place to start over at Volunteers of America. They were the shelter in my storm"



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