Shelter from the Storm Society Members

VOA's Shelter from the Storm Society is composed of a special group of people dedicated to ensuring the future of our programs and services through a multi-year commitment of giving

Mary and Bryan Akioka, Matt and Katie Anderson, Mary Avalos, Ana and Matthew Bankert, Sue Barry, William C. Barry and Candace A. Sousa, Scott Bechler, Alex Beitel and Kim Brown*, Mike Belote*, Scott Benton, Tres Benzley*, Melissa Blair Aliotti, Esq.*, Kenneth and Rosie Blomsterberg, Lawrence Booth and Marjorie Heier Booth*, Renee and Jack Bosley, Bozzuto & Company Insurance Services*, Bullard Construction, Linda Burkholder*, Paul Bystrowski, Zoe Caldwell, Christine Canelo, Cindy Carano*, Swen and Janie Carlson*, James Chenoweth, Vince Chow, Mewa Choy, Nancy and Daniel Cole, Daniel and Nancy Cole, Terri Cooper, Jeremy and Scott Corless, Janet Cornelius and Nancy Voss*, Joann Coy, Angie and Tim Crenshaw, Juanita M. Daniel, Conrad Davis, Joshua Dethmers, Mark and Susan Doris, Arlynn and Jeff Dwyer, Jen Eastwood and Larry Moore, Cynthia and Brendan Egan, Mendy Elliott, Pearl Ellis*, Bret Fair, Norma Farr, Stephen and Erika Fatula*, C. Elizabeth Fielder, Carole Flemmer*, Fletcher Plumbing, Elfrena Foord and Bruce Hester, Peggy Forseth-Andrews and James Andrews, Jill Fox, Jeff Frame, Lesa Gall, Tyler and Kate Garcia, Phil and Marlene Garcia, Jacqui Garol, Patricia Gayman*, David Geddes, Anne Geraghty, Jo Anne Gonzalez, Diane Goulding, Mary Beth Govier*, Mary Grandy, Steve and Kay Green*, Taylor Greer*, Amanda Gunn, Sherman and Rita Haggerty*, Dave Hanlon and Irene Dudley, Krystle Heslep, Tony Himphill, Nick and Jill Himphill, Christie Holderegger and John Leach*, Paul Ioanidis and Melinda Livermore Ioanidis*, Clifford Iubelt, Rey Jimenez, Greg and Carole Kassis*, Ernie and Mary Kauffman*, Jack and Pamela Kellerstrass, Daniel Kim and Lynn Paquin, Travis Kimball, Debbra King, John Kirsch, Ana Klein, Doug Kleinsmith*, Michelle Kloss, Terri Kolstrup, Pam Kranhold, Steve and Rita Laden*, Mike and Gina Langford, Susan and Nathan Lewis*, Dr. Maureen Lloy, Katrina Loftin, Tom and Karen Lowe*, Liz Luttrell-Feder and David Feder, Barbara Lym and Alan J Wong, Wendee and Jeff Lynch, Joan Machlis-Crasemann, Jan Mackenzie and Wayne Clark, Jeff and Toni Marsalla, Melissa Marsh, Patricia and Thomas McCormick, Leo McFarland*, Judy McGarry*, Russ Miller, Martine Milton, Janet and William Mooney, Monica Moore, Mark and Donna Morgan, Matthew and Sara Morrow, Debra Morrow-Boivin and John J. Boivin, Father Roman Mueller, Cheryl and Gerald Myers, Gail Ohanesian, John and Ellen O'Looney*, Jim and Mary Ann Olson*, John Orr*, Lisa Ortega, Richard Pachter, Bonnie Paulson, Geoffrey Poulos*, Cristin and Alan Priest, Production Framing, Frank Radoslovich*, Jill Reid, Samantha Reveley, Rick and Kathie Reviglio*, Renay Rickman, Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins, Colin and Danielle Roe*, Roberta Rogers*, Russ and Lisa Romine, Clarke Rosa, Tricia Rosenbaum, Shauna and Gabe Ross, Sue Sadler, Travis and Lauren Sandefur, Gene and Radheka Savoy, Amani Sawires Rapaski and Steve Rapaski*, Erin Schiller, Jerome Schrader and Alise Keil, Kirk Schwenkler, Julie Scolari, Rick and Sandy Shaff*, Valerie Sherman, Jason Sherr, Robin and Frank Siino, David Spillers*, Stan and Beatrice Stancell*, Fred and Nancy Teichert, Caroline Thompson, Kathleen Thrasher Melen, Hal and Ilah Turner*, USA Properties Fund, Carol Van Bruggen and Steve Kuhn*, Cynthia Van Horne, Ron Vrilakas, Jeanice Warden-Washington and Damon Washington, Ted and Elba White, J. Chase Whittemore, David and Korrin Wiest*, Scott Wong*, Linda Wood, Alex Woodley, Rick and Cindy Wylie*, and Cortney Young

*Shelter from the Storm Evergreen Members