Specialized Training Employment Program (STEP)

We get to know your company’s culture, values and needs in order to select the employee that will make a good fit

With Volunteers of America’s Specialized Training Employment Program (STEP), employers can now hire with the assurance that our pre-screened candidates have undergone specialized training to help ensure higher employee retention and reduced turnover. For more information contact:
STEP@voa-ncnn.org or (916) 706-3017.

"I continue to be surprised and impressed with the caliber of focused, professional, highly motivated candidates I have had the pleasure to meet through VOA’s employment program. Our relationship with VOA has allowed us to grow effectively and efficiently while giving back to the community." - Rebecca Mangano, Human Resources Manager, Bonney Heating and Air

STEP clients receive:

  • Six months subsidized paid employment
  • Reimbursement of 100% of employee’s wages at a minimum of 32-40 hours per week
  •  All candidates are prequalified for open positions with companies
  •  Candidates are screened and assessed prior to referring to company
  • Job Retention Specialists work with candidate for one year (six months of subsidized employment and six months following)
  •  Recruit, assessment, and conduct initial interview to fill open positions

If you are in need of employment services please call 211 or visit 211Sacramento.org