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  • George's Journey to Stability

    George, a Navy veteran who struggled to find affordable housing during the pandemic, found stability and support at The Village on Sage Street in Reno, NV. His journey, marked by resilience and faith, showcases the transformative power of community assistance and the vital role of Volunteers of America in aiding those transitioning from military to civilian life.

  • From Crisis to Community: Ty's Homelessness Redemption

    Meet Ty, who found himself grappling with homelessness and despair, only to emerge resilient and determined, rebuilding his life through community support and service.

  • Mandy: A Mother's Journey from Homelessness to Hope

    When Mandy and her two young kids lost their home, a compassionate family shelter gave them the hope, resources, and supportive community they needed to get back on their feet.

  • Connie

    Share the warmth with seniors like Connie.

  • Healing Hands: From Homelessness to a Nursing Career

    Angela was three years into her nursing program when tragedy struck. Her husband past away and she quickly found herself alone with no support. She couldn't keep up with rent and was evicted. Angela's life was completely changed however when she came to VOA. During her time at our shelter she started her classes again.

  • Resilience and Dignity: A Mother's Journey to Provide for Her Kids

    Danielle and her four kids were without a stable home for years. They hopped from hotels to family friend's houses. Danielle struggled to make enough to provide for herself and her family.

  • Bobby's Journey of Challenge and Redemption

    Bobby, a Navy Veteran, was battling with PTSD and drug addiction.

  • Embracing Identity, Making a Difference

    Nicholaus found purpose and acceptance within Volunteers of America (VOA). As a case manager in VOA's Open Arms program, they tirelessly assist families facing substance misuse challenges. Nicholaus's story highlights the power of embracing one's identity and the profound impact of acceptance on personal growth.

  • Protecting our Seniors

    After suffering from a severe stroke, Jeffery became homeless at the age of 57. Faced with no savings, no family support, and a massive amount of medical expenses he had no choice but to live on the streets. VOA is proud to say that he is currently recovering in the Nottoli Place Senior Shelter.

  • Reno Works Celebrates Spring Graduation

    The Reno Works Program just celebrated their Spring 2023 graduation.