5 lives changed because of you

Homeless for 5 years, Devin had learned to adjust to living the rest of his life on the streets while trying to also care for his aging mother. Israel, a butcher and a father of 2, became homeless after he lost his job and, then, his home. James had been living in a camp along the Sacramento River since 2016. Kenneth, newly released from prison, had nowhere else to go after his release and ended up sleeping in a park in downtown Sacramento. Clarence migrated from Louisiana to California a few years ago, and hadn’t slept indoors in more than 15 years.

Five men from different walks of life with one thing in common – their paths all crossed at Capitol Park Shelter in downtown Sacramento, a shelter program that VOA operates in collaboration with SHRA. The men met while enrolled in a ‘Ready to Rent’ life skills class, one of many supportive services offered to residents at the shelter. The class helps clients like Devin, Israel, James, Kenneth, and Clarence learn how to make a budget, to read lease agreements, to understand tenants’ rights and responsibilities, and even how to handle disputes with neighbors.

At Capitol Park Shelter, the men found shelter, support, and friendship. After successfully completing the class the group, now good friends, all transitioned into permanent, stable housing – together! They’re now sharing a two-story house and are looking toward the future with renewed hope.

Since September 2019, ninety individuals have successfully transitioned from homelessness to permanent and stable housing through your support of the Capitol Park Shelter.