72-Years Old and Sleeping in a Storage Unit

When Keiko thinks about you, she smiles.

She was sleeping in her storage unit after she lost her housing due to the pandemic. At 72 years old, Keiko found herself without a place to go, with no money, and with no other choice. She slept on the cold concrete floor for about a week, having no restroom and only a single banana to eat every other day.

Can you imagine the hunger pangs?

But you stepped in and changed her life forever.

Keiko was referred to Volunteers of America's program for abused and neglected seniors. When she arrived, she not only found a home, she found love, peace, and strength to make it through.

Your kindness shone through the meals she was served every day. Your joy radiated through the glow of the lights on the Christmas tree. Your love gave her hope that her life was still valuable.

Thanks to you, Keiko now has a new, permanent place to live and thrive. Her time at Volunteers of America gave her the strength and stability she needed to plan her next steps. She thinks of you and smiles, because you gave Keiko her life back.