A Big Thank You from an Army Vet and His Son

You gave Jesus a fresh start

Dear Volunteers of America Staff, Donors, & Volunteers,

Thank you all for the time and effort put in to making this project possible. My son and I are more than grateful for the blessings. My son is at a loss for words, he is happy, he feels like this is a fresh start for us. I find this opportunity a great blessing. I have developed a really close relationship with my God, he works through people and he has been extremely busy in my life.

As my son said, this IS a fresh start. It is recovering a dream that I had lost a while ago, I have regained hope since living life in a different way. Five days from today I will have a year clean and sober. I have practiced patience, open-mindedness, and I have been willing to trust in God to provide what I need.

This painting that I am sending you guys, as a gift of my gratitude to all of you, symbolizes a lot more today then when I painted it.

While many people painted snowmen in their artwork, I painted a deer on ice like deer slipping around. I feel like that is how I spent most of my life, not being able to stand firm. Now life is beautiful and majestic, just like the painting.


This housing, furnishings, and gifts for me are like ice skates for the deer I painted. It is stability in my life, this will help me build skills that I need to be independent. Most of all you guys have showed me that God is alive and well. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and I hope to have an impact on people like you have had in my life. God Bless you guys and girls!

Thank you,

Jesus R.

Army Veteran

P.S. Jr absolutely loved the gifts (gently used iphone 5, music stand) and he shouted with joy when he opened them!

The actual letter from the heart....