A Bright Smile and a New Start for Michelle


Michelle needed your compassion and you delivered.

After she lost her housing due to increased rent prices, Michelle and her 3 teenage children had nowhere to go. For months they lived in hotels, all 5 of them squeezing into a single room, but eventually could no longer afford the nightly cost. When there was nowhere else to go, you met Michelle with open arms.

You provided a warm, safe place for Michelle and her family to recover and work toward their next step of housing. Instead of spending money on hotels, Michelle can now save for a place of her own.

In the midst of a pandemic, when depression hit hard, you encouraged Michelle to keep going.
You gave her children the resources they needed for school, allowing her high schooler to graduate. You brought them joy through birthday parties and Christmas gis. You kept Michelle going, reminding her that there is always hope.

As she looks toward their next step of finding a home, Michelle says it’s only possible because of you. Thank you for being a source of encouragement for families like Michelle’s every day. You put a bright smile on her face.