A New Beginning for Ramòn at the Nevada Cares Campus

“It’s my little home!”

After rotating between rehab, hotels, jail, and recovery programs for 6 years, Ramòn was fed up. Then, he got a new start at the Nevada Cares Campus.

He felt at home at the campus, and for the first time in a long time, Ramòn is excited for where he is in life. He has a good job and is currently in school. He is taking advantage of all the tools at his disposal. During his stay at the Nevada Cares Campus, Ramòn has worked on his relationship with his two sons, age 26 and 19, and they are proud of where their dad is now.

He is grateful for the staff at VOA and says that the simple act of them believing in him has made a big difference in his life. With their help and due to Ramòn’s strong motivation, after only 2 months of living at the shelter, he moved into a house, where he has his own space and his own room. He says, “When I do the right thing, good things start happening. So I guess I need to keep doing the right thing.”

We are excited to see Ramòn continue to do the right thing in his new home, and we know that there is a bright future ahead for him!