A New Chapter for VOA Northern Nevada


Introducing VOA Northern Nevada’s new Regional Vice President: Christie Holderegger!

Although this is a new title, Christie is no stranger to Reno or to VOA. She began her career with VOA shortly after graduating college in 1991, and has been working hard ever since to strengthen our mission and bring individuals out of homelessness to independence.

With over 30 years of experience behind her, Christie is looking forward to building relationships with local government to design programs that truly move our neighbors out of homelessness and help them build the foundation they need to reach their full potential. With partnerships that include foundations, the business community, and individuals, the impact that VOA can have will be amplified. She says, “What I love about the Reno area is the heart and soul of the people who call it home. Our community values hard work and grit but they also have compassion for those who are struggling. Together, we can build a healthy and vibrant community for everyone who calls Reno home.”