A New Home for Morgan


Morgan was living on the river when his camp was cleaned up and he was asked to move. He knew that he had a new opportunity to find a better solution, and he was welcomed into the Nevada Cares Campus. He was determined to start again.

After arriving at the shelter, Morgan found a routine to fill his time. He would play his instruments and busk around town, a hobby that brings him joy in the midst of the difficulties of life, and he would make it a point to meet with his case manager and work toward the next step of housing. Morgan’s case manager, Brian, describes him as being prompt and motivated, hopeful that he could once again have his own place to live. Morgan’s positive, can-do attitude got him through each day. He worked through all the steps of finding housing: improving his credit, securing his identification paperwork, and applying for places to live. His hard work paid off, and today, he has a safe place to call “home.”

Morgan can now play his music in his own place, a brand new complex in the center of Reno. “With his positive attitude, I know he’ll be successful in whatever he does,” says Brian. We are thrilled that Morgan has a safe, warm place to thrive and share his positive attitude with the world.