Bobby's Journey of Challenge and Redemption

Bobby's path to stability was not without its obstacles. After serving in the Navy, he faced the double burden of battling addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These challenges led him to addiction and depression.

“Life was getting hard for me. I was battling addiction problems that grew off of my PTSD. I became homeless because of that and just needed to make some changes, some lifestyle changes.”

Seeking a fresh start, Bobby made the decision to return to his home state of California, where he had a support network of friends and family.

Motivated to overcome his difficulties, Bobby sought help through rehab. It was during his time there that he was connected to VOA’s Veteran service program. It was there that Bobby had an opportunity to restart without the struggle of paying rent. “The staff at VOA have been super helpful even when they didn’t have to be. Helping me with rides, groceries, and getting my ID back, are just so many things I’m so thankful and grateful for."

As Bobby's determination grew, he took the opportunity for a job at the Hampton Inn. Suzanne Campanello, General Manager, recognized Bobby's potential and eagerly welcomed him to the team.

Suzanne shares that her personal connection to the military community sparked her desire to help. “I’m a military mom. My son’s in the Army and my son-in-law is in the Navy so these guys are all near and dear to my heart. I kind of became everyone's mom.” Since March 2021, the Hampton Inn has collaborated with VOA to provide a safe haven for veterans in need. The program aimed to empower veterans, offering them not just temporary shelter, but a sense of community for those transitioning to independent living.

The respect and dignity given to each veteran at VOA played a crucial role in restoring Bobby’s sense of self-worth. The impact of the VOA’s Veteran services extends far beyond a roof over
Bobby’s head; offered him hope, understanding, and a chance to rebuild his life.

“These Veterans served our country and we should give them the respect they deserve.”

Through VOA's assistance, Bobby has secured housing, joining a group of fellow veterans in a new house that has been specifically designated for their needs.

"I’ve had 8 months of being clean and sober. Just saying that is a huge confidence booster and relief.”

Bobby is eagerly looking forward to a fresh start and is grateful for the support he has received along the way.

Learn more about the work we are doing to help our veterans: