Because of you, Akenese is paying it forward

You have given Akenese and Leutu a new life.

Your love and commitment not only break down cycles of poverty, they make it possible for families like Akenese and Leutu to find safety.

Akenese ran from her husband due to domestic violence that became unbearable. She had nowhere to go and no money, but her little girl was counting on her to pull through.

With your loving support, Akenese and Leutu found a safe place where they could rebuild their lives.

At the shelter, Akenese felt like she was joining a family that truly cared for her. She took advantage of every opportunity she was given to work and better her and Leutu’s lives. She even joined the PTA at Leutu’s school and served terms as the Vice-President and President. She became the best mom for her little girl.

Your encouragement empowered Akenese to find a job, save money, and move to a new apartment. She surprised Leutu with her new home--a place where she could grow and thrive.

Today, Akenese gives back to VOA in an employee role. She is now able to help families in similar situations find independence again.

Thanks to you, Akenese and Leutu are paying it forward.