Because of You, Jacquie is Thriving

Do you remember Jacquie? She will never forget you!

Like you and I, Jacquie was living a regular life. She says she was a typical soccer mom, but unfortunately, a car accident left her with chronic pain and depression. She became addicted to prescription pain medication. That addiction eventually led to harder drugs, mental illness, paranoia, and eventually, homelessness. 

Thankfully, Jacquie’s story doesn’t end there.

When you last heard from Jacquie 5 years ago at our Shelter from the Storm event, she recently became clean, and graduated from a VOA program.

She was working as a trainer for Starbucks, but soon came back to VOA to work for the same program she went through. She wanted to help those facing the same challenges she did.

Today, we are happy to share that Jacquie recently started a new career as a Project Engineer for a
construction company. She is engaged to be married, is the best grandmother to her sweet granddaughter, and is giving back to her community by running a safe home for chronically
ill women who have experienced homelessness.

If you met Jacquie now, you would never guess that she was once addicted to drugs and struggling with homelessness.

Thank you for always looking beyond the challenges someone faces. You look at a person’s heart and remind them that they are cared for. You did that for Jacquie--thank you!