Because of you, Randi's future is bright

You have a heart full of love and compassion for people like Randi and that is why she and her children are safe today. Randi (pictured above) was living in a van with her three children, a 10 month old, 11 year old and a 13 year old. She did her best to make it warm and comfortable for her children. Randi created games for them and made sure they always had the resources to complete their schooling, even if that meant sitting in a parking lot that had WiFi available. However, she knew that their current situation was not sustainable for her family.

You made it possible for Randi to enter VOA’s permanent housing program. After struggling for so long, Randi had a place of her own, her own room, and a safe place for her children. She is grateful for all the resources available to her and takes advantage of every class and opportunity given. Thanks to you she says,

“I’m very positive about myself nowadays.”

As she looks toward the future, she is called with a sense of comfort. She can once again have great aspirations for herself and her children. With your help the 12 families waiting for the same opportunity to get into housing can have their dream come true.