Creating Lasting Change through Reno Works


Reno Works is back!

After taking a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, 8 participants have begun their journeys of finding independence once again. These men and women have all struggled with homelessness, each having their own stories of trauma, loss, and shame that has left them without stable housing. Still, all of them also have goals for their lives: dreams of finding meaningful employment, of gaining independence, and standing proud as a productive community member.

The Reno Works program connects these individuals to local businesses looking for employees, all while gaining valuable work experience in the program. Participants work through an intensive 10-week program that includes resume building, interview training, and other classes to ensure they are ready for long-term and fulfilling employment. At the end of the program, these 8 participants will be matched with companies in their desired fields and will be helping local businesses thrive. These jobs will help participants re-connect with their self worth and create lasting change, putting them back on their feet for life.

Special thanks to the City of Reno for their partnership in this amazing program!