Cynthia is home thanks to you

No one should worry about where they will sleep tonight, let alone someone celebrating their golden years. When we first met Cynthia, she was living with the anxiety and uncertainty that comes from not being able to afford rent and groceries. She moved into VOA's Village on Sage Street in September 2019 and experienced Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Coronavirus lockdown with what she calls "a big family." Thanks to you, she was recently able to move from the Village to a permanent home at Sierra Manor (VOA's affordable housing property for seniors). Cynthia never has to worry about living in a hotel or on the streets again. Thank you for helping her find the safe home she deserves.

In a recent letter, she wrote,

“I want all the loving people who support the Village to know how important it is to have safe housing...Thank you again for being a blessing and helping me navigate a very tough spot in my life.”

Your kindness and compassion mean the world to Cynthia!

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