Finding Purpose: Meet Cliff


After leaving the Air Force, Cliff had a difficult time adjusting back to civilian life. His life and time in the service had seen tragedy after tragedy, without a lot of time to breathe. He struggled to find direction, and after 40 years of hopping from job to job, Cliff found himself unable to afford rent, despite his full-time job. He saw an advertisement for VOA’s Transitional Housing for Veterans and soon was welcomed into the program.

“My first impression was that I had someone in my corner, willing to help me out during this difficult time.”

After years of going through life mostly alone, Cliff felt like he finally had someone to walk alongside him. His case worker gave him information and guidance, while helping him address his anxiety and depression. He says, “John was always there to give me a positive shoulder to lean on.”

Today, Cliff has found a home of his own where he can heal from the tragedies he has experienced. He is able to dream about his future, and for the first time, he knows that future is bright.