From Unemployment to Management: Meet Leila and Lee

“Now I look forward to waking up every day and doing good work.”

Leila felt like she had hit rock bottom. After fleeing from domestic violence and moving across the country, she knew she had to prioritize finding work. She went to the county office and was referred to VOA’s Employment Program. A week later, she was hired.

Lee was struggling, barely getting by on unemployment and unable to find a job himself. After connecting to VOA’s Employment program, he had three interviews in one day. He knew that his first interview was where he wanted to be. It was a start up with a smaller, tight-knit staff, and Lee knew he would fit right in. Before he even got home from the interview, he received a call that he was hired.

Both Leila and Lee have been promoted and now act as Managers for two different companies. Their stories are unique, but the outcome is the same: independence. Thanks to our donors and friends like you, Leila, Lee, and many others have a new chance at life.

*If you are interested in learning more about the Employment program, either as an employee or an employer, please contact Chris Mann at