George's Journey to Stability


In 2023, 35,574 veterans in the United States were unhoused. Among them was George, a Navy Veteran struggling to find affordable housing after the pandemic. He found a lifeline at Volunteers of America's (VOA) The Village on Sage Street in Reno, NV. His story is a testament to resilience and began with fond memories of his service. George recalls, "I did enjoy my time in the Navy. I went in '77 and got out in '81. Had a great time and really, it was good for me."

George worked as a security guard after his military service. His path led him to The Village, where he found much-needed support. George's experiences highlight the importance of community support in overcoming life's challenges. Reflecting on his journey, he says, "Coming here, getting here. Yes. I had to believe and have faith."

The organization's impact on George's life is clear. He speaks highly of the support he received, "A roof over my head at not a great cost... The staff has always been great. I appreciate that. If there's anything you need, they've been helpful." This support allowed him to manage his finances effectively and plan for a better future


He acknowledges the importance of continued community support. Expressing gratitude, he says, "I want donors to know that people appreciate what they’re doing, whether they hear it from them or not." His journey from hardship to stability is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of compassion and community assistance.

As George looks to the future, his optimism shines through. "I'm excited about the prospect of everyone coming together more than they currently are. It's about people getting back or getting closer than they are now," he shares. This sentiment underscores the crucial role of unity and community in overcoming challenges.

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