Can you see the joy in Happy’s eyes?

If you see the picture of Robert Feidt, you might understand how he gained the nickname, “Happy.” VOA was introduced to Happy through our partners at the Reno Ambassador program. Friends in Reno invited him to come to the city, but when he arrived, he was unable to locate them. Happy ended up living on the streets. Thankfully, VOA and our partners sprung into action.

When his VOA case manager first met Happy, he was only able to speak in jumbled words, without making sentences. Multiple strokes had left him with this speech impairment, wheelchair-bound, and needing assistance to shower and get into his bed. His case manager Sheree got to know Happy and created a plan to get him into housing.

Sheree connected Happy with our partners at Aging and Disability, and they moved quickly to find him a home where he could be cared for properly. Today, Happy is truly happy in a new home. His eyes are bright, he is able to take his medications regularly, he is gaining weight, and he is thriving in a skilled care facility. Happy’s life is forever changed thanks to our kind, caring community.

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