"I am just trying to move forward and make positive steps."


It is difficult for many of us to imagine that a veteran would ever struggle with homelessness. Unfortunately, it is a story that happens all too often.

Marette was working in law enforcement after leaving her career in the Army. She was living what she calls the American dream and was successful in her personal and professional life. Unfortunately, her mental health continued to deteriorate, and she turned to alcohol in order to cope. She eventually lost everything.

Although hurting, Marette was strong enough to ask for help. She worked her way through rehabilitation programs and found housing and work through VOA. Through her job, she is now able to give back to a community that is very special to her: the U.S. troops. In her current position, Marette gets to assemble care packages for those serving overseas. It is especially meaningful to her because she knows from experience how much those care packages mean. She says, “I am just trying to move forward and make positive steps, doing something that is meaningful.”

Marette is thankful for people like you who have given her the opportunity to gain her life back. She recently celebrated 6 months of sobriety and is looking forward to what life brings. Thank you for believing in Marette.