“If it wasn’t for VOA giving me a place to stay, I definitely wouldn’t be here right now.”

Anthony could be your neighbor. He and his wife, along with their two children, live in a modest home, drive new cars, and make a decent living for themselves. You would never guess that they were struggling with homelessness just two short years ago.

After working successfully for 6 years at a major shipping company, Anthony fell into addiction. The trauma he experienced as a child haunted him, leading him to find refuge in heroin and meth, an addiction that was taught by his parents. Eventually, he found himself homeless. He spent 5 years living on the streets until he was offered a way out. He turned to VOA for help.

VOA helped him recover from his addiction. He was able to fix his credit, and eventually attended a VOA job fair where, thankfully, he was given a second chance and his job back! At the same time, Anthony attended school and started to help others with drug and alcohol abuse counseling on the side. After graduating from VOA, Anthony got married, moved into a house, and he and his wife are, as he says, “living the dream.”

Anthony now gives back to the community by sharing his story. Two years after graduating from VOA’s program, he is looking to buy a house that his kids can grow up in. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Anthony never has to experience homelessness again.