"I am proud to be able to give back"


Many things can happen in 22 years that can cause us to forget our experiences. But Jeannie will never forget what you have done for her.

Before facing the reality of her situation, Jeannie struggled with addiction. She often found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and knew she had to get out if she wanted her life to change. Her choices caused her to be separated from her children, including her youngest, a 5-year-old daughter, Reba. That was the wakeup call she needed to make a life-changing decision.

Thanks to you, Jeannie had a place to go and get the help she needed. Your loving support served as a guide for her during a very tough recovery. She fought, she didn’t give up, and with tears in her eyes, she was reunited with her daughter Reba and the rest of her family.

You inspired Jeannie to change her life.

Because of you, she has paid it forward for the last 20 years as she works in the same program that saved her life. Jeannie says, “I like giving them what I was given.”

Several years ago, when Reba was looking for a job, she knew she wanted to do something that mattered. She remembered the joy that she felt when she was reunited with her mom, and decided she wanted to help others find that same joy. She now works alongside her mom helping families like theirs start over again. Both Reba and Jeannie say that their experiences help them connect with clients and how them that there is hope and that change is possible.