Join Kimberly in celebrating a year of sobriety and a new job!

If you attended our Shelter from the Storm event in May, you might remember Kimberly. Her journey from living along the river with her son, Joey, and her mother, Juanita to stable housing, sobriety and employment was a team effort. Through the partnership between a compassionate business owner, VOA staff, County funding and YOU, this family built the foundation they needed to weather any of life's storms, including COVID-19.

Today, Kimberly has her certification for caregiving, purchased a car and insurance to get to and from work. Most importantly, she celebrated a year of sobriety on December 7th.

Joey is doing well in school, and, although he misses his friends, he is thankful to have had a reliable home for virtual learning. He will be happy to be back on campus to play with his friends!

Juanita’s health continues to improve as she has access to doctors and a comfortable home with a family that loves her. The family is looking for a new home as their income increases and their stability flourishes. 

Because of you, Kimberly, Joey, and Juanita’s lives are forever changed. Thank you for making work like this possible through your faithful giving!

Watch Kim's video from last year's event