Leaving Something Behind

Growing up without much guidance, Sadakao had a hard start to life, and made some questionable choices along the way. His biological father was absent from his life, and his mother’s second husband abandoned him at only 10 years old.  As a young adult with no one to look up to, Sadakao followed the same path as many of his friends, homeless and in and out of prison.  While incarcerated, he made a decision to take control of his destiny and move away from a life of crime.  Fortunately, he found Volunteers of America's and now resides in West House, a program helping individuals transition from incarceration back into the community. His days are busy as he also spends his days in the Project Choice program, a program that provides those recently released from prison with educational, housing and tools to help them to become a productive part of their community. Sadakow is also in a labor union and working towards a biology degree. He hopes to one day open his own business, and shares that one of his greatest hopes is to leave something behind for people after him to use. Sadakao now has the opportunity to build a new future for himself.