Lynda is on the right track

You gave Lynda what she needed for a bright future.

Running a marathon is tough.

Unfortunately, Lynda is a single mom that feels her life has been a very long and painful marathon.

Lynda was just 14 when her own mom introduced her to a life of drugs. "She taught me how to be a functioning addict. She taught us all the wrong things," shares Linda.

After more than 10 years of living on the streets, couch hopping and living in dirty motels with her two young girls in tow, the day came when something inside spoke to Lynda. Somewhere, deep down Lynda knew she wanted to get sober. She wanted to be a better mother to her girls than her own mother was to her. With tears and hugs, Lynda promised her girls that she would get healthy and come back to get them when she was ready to be the best mom she could be.

Then Lynda called Volunteers of America and asked for help. Change isn't easy for anyone. Lynda's change was tough because she had to unlearn feeling worthless. Lynda had to learn to love herself.

After three long hard months of working with her counselor and our caring Volunteers of America staff, Lynda was able to return to her daughters. Lynda kept her promise. She was healthier and was choosing to be sober every day.

Getting clean was just the first step. The time at Volunteers of America lit a fire in Lynda. She was ready to find a job and a home. Through VOA's employment and housing program, she's found both.

Our staff has described Lynda as a sponge. They said she would absorb all the skills she was learning as quickly as she could. Lynda has become the role model she yearned for when she was a young girl. She is the mother to her girls that she dreamed she could be.

It's stories like Lynda's that remind each of us at Volunteers of America that miracles happen every day.

"Volunteers of America got me on the right track and I will always be grateful. My life is amazing because of all of you!"