Lynda Duggan

"The best thing about volunteering is helping those in need. I know that it is only by the grace of God I am not faced with the situations our residents have to deal with, so I feel humbled."

- Lynda 

Volunteers of America’s programs and services rely on the hundreds of individuals who give of their time, talents, and effort to help make a difference in the lives of so many.  Meet Lynda, former volunteer and now employee with Volunteers of America (VOA).  Lynda has been an incredible asset to Volunteers of America for over 8 years.  Lynda spent her first 3 years with us as a volunteer in the Administrative Office.  Her passion for helping others lead her to be a volunteer caretaker for the next 5 years at the Senior Safe House, a safe haven for abused and neglected seniors. Just recently, when a paid position at the Senior Safe House was offered to Lynda, she said the answer was a resound "YES." On behalf of Volunteers of America we just want to say thank you to Lynda and all volunteers for your commitment to helping those most in need.