After years of hardship, Michelle is HOME!


Do you remember Michelle?

Michelle and her children have faced incredible adversity in their lives. After losing their housing due to the pandemic, they found themselves without a place to call home. Thankfully, they found a spot in VOA’s family shelter.

Moving to the shelter was overwhelming at first. When they first arrived, Michelle and her kids stayed to themselves, each of them struggling through depression. Over time, though, they found help. The community and love they found at VOA helped them find joy again. The kids were able to stay in school and Michelle worked hard to find a home for them to start over.

We are proud to tell you that today, Michelle and her family are finally HOME! They have found an incredible place to live, complete with a backyard for their new puppy. Michelle is enrolled in classes and is determined to finish her Social Work degree. The family is thrilled to have their own space again, and are looking forward to a new life together.

Thank you for caring for Michelle and her family. Your compassion truly changes lives!