My future is much brighter because of you!

Growing up, Hannia survived a chaotic home life. When Hannia was just 4 years old, her alcoholic father and her teenage mother were unable to care for her so they sent her to live with her aunt and uncle. Sadly, Hannia quickly became the target of her aunt’s anger, suffering repeated abuse and neglect at the hands of the family she hoped would protect her. Over the years, Hannia’s suffering grew more severe; by age 15, she was removed from the only home she knew and placed in the foster care system. Through it all, Hannia knew that education was her way out of poverty.

Because of compassionate donors like you, Hannia received a Dare to Dream Scholarship to attend San Diego State University. She’s working hard to beat the odds and become the first person in her family to graduate college – forever changing the path she thought she was destined to follow.

According to, each year 11,602 California children turn 18 years old while in foster care, and a majority are left without the emotional and financial support necessary to succeed in life. Will you be the one to help change a foster child’s future through education?

“Your kindness inspires me to be the best student I can be.

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