New Location, Better Collaboration: Reno Restart


Exciting news from our Reno ReStart program! On March 1st, they moved to a new location in town. It will be in the same building as the Center of Influence. This move presents an excellent opportunity for collaboration and partnership between our two organizations.

Reno Restart has been providing essential services to people experiencing homelessness in the Reno area for years. Their dedication to helping their clients get back on their feet is evident through their wide range of support services, including access to housing, employment opportunities, and mental health resources.

The new location at the Center of Influence is significant with clients having access to a thrift store and food pantry. This additional support will be a great benefit to those who rely on Reno Restart's services.

Julianna Glock, program director of VOA ReStart, shared her excitement about the move: β€œThe ReStart team is thrilled with our new location and grateful to partner with the Center of Influence. Moving can be stressful, but our team has shown excellent teamwork and is ready to continue serving those most in need in our community.”

We are thrilled about the Reno ReStart program and the positive impact their move to the new location will have on the community.

The new location: 1095 East Taylor Street Reno, NV 89502 775-324-2622