“Once I moved in, it was a total joy.”

Roberta spent most of her life living in a small town with her husband. She raised children, had a full career, and established a loving home. After her children were grown and her husband passed away, though, she found herself alone in her home and feeling isolated.

Roberta’s children and grandchildren lived a few hours away, and convinced her that she should be closer to them. She agreed, but also knew that she still wanted independence and for her family to continue their own lives. That’s when she turned to VOA.

Now, Roberta has her own apartment in one of VOA’s 9 affordable housing communities. She has established relationships with the housing community's staff and other residents, and credits her new friends for keeping her healthy and happy. After 7 years of living there, Roberta says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. She has once again found her home.