Protecting our Seniors

As our economy continues to struggle with inflation more and more seniors are becoming unhoused. Seniors are the fastest growing homeless population. Many seniors are on fixed incomes with little to no savings and this puts them at extreme risk for becoming homeless. They are left without basic necessities, such as shelter, food, and healthcare.

Jeffrey (62), was working in construction when had a severe stroke that forced him to stop working. He had no income, no family, and found himself moving to an encampment off Roseville Road. The situation was bleak; there were hundreds of people camping there, and he felt unsafe. Jeffrey lived in the encampment for over 5 years.

In Early 2023, he was approached by County staff from the Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART) who were able to get him placed in the newly opened Nottoli Place. Nottoli Place, a living facility for unhoused or neglected seniors, opened in early March. Many of the seniors in the facility have been unhoused like Jeffrey or referred by APS (Adult Protective Services) The safe house has brought a positive change to Jeffery’s life.

Jeffrey has been staying at the Nottoli Place for two weeks now and says it's very comfortable and feels much safer than when he was at the encampment.

“I was hearing gunshots going off every night. I’m glad I made it here.”

Nottoli Place will provide Jeffrey with the resources he needs to get back on his feet. He hopes to go back to work someday, and he's receiving support from the VA and other organizations to make it happen. Jeffrey is optimistic about his future and is grateful for the opportunity to stay somewhere that is warm and safe.

Nottoli Place is a valuable resource for seniors experiencing homelessness or working through APS. It provides safe lodging, daily meals, and a team of case workers to help connect residents with the resources they need. Programs like Nottoli Place and VOA's Senior Safe House give hope to seniors like Jeffrey and provide a way for them to regain stability and independence.