Providing Equitable Access at the Resource Center

Experiencing homelessness comes with more challenges than many of us may realize. Living without a permanent address can make it difficult to get a valid identification, which allows for someone to apply for a job. As Board Member Scott Wong says, “Oftentimes those that are struggling financially, or without a home, may find it difficult to make a phone call, receive a message, have access to a computer and the very important ability to reliably receive mail.

That is where the Reno Resource Center comes in.

At the Resource Center, clients have the ability to receive mail and have access to the internet, computers, and phones. Scott says, “If the clients did not have these resources it would be very difficult for any of them to find employment and/or housing to improve their living circumstances.” This program is run mostly by volunteers, and is where Scott and fellow board member Travis Sandefur were introduced to VOA.

Travis says, “Through my experience at the VOA Resource Center, I have met the most extraordinary staff and clients. I have heard powerful stories of redemption, and people who have had the courage to seek help.” We are proud to offer this resource and provide equitable access to those who need it most.