Reno Works Celebrates Spring Graduation

Eight clients from Nevada Cares Campus successfully completed the VOA's Reno Works program. In collaboration with the City of Reno, Reno Works extends a helping hand to those facing homelessness, aiming to guide them towards stable employment and secure housing. Throughout the program, participants acquire valuable work experience while honing both hard and soft skills essential for thriving in the job market. Moreover, they attain financial stability, enabling them to achieve independence.

Through a comprehensive approach that combines work experience, education, and skills development, the program aims to create lasting change and foster financial stability and independence. In late May, the City of Reno celebrated the program's achievements and recognized the graduates who have successfully completed the program.

Several organizations played a crucial role in helping the graduates build a strong foundation for sustainable employment including:

  • Washoe County School District
  • Employ Nevada
  • City of Reno Human Resources
  • City of Reno parks and Recreation Department
  • The City of Reno Public Works 
  • Applied Companies
  • Nevada Safety Training, 
  • Downtown Reno Partnership
  • Katie Grace Foundation 
  • Great Basin Financial Credit Union
  • Kimmie Candies
  • Caliber Salon
  • Good Shepherds Clothing Closet

Reno Works is a testament to the positive outcomes that can be achieved when the community partners with the city. Over the past eight years, the program has witnessed substantial growth and positively impacted countless lives. As the community continues to thrive and attract more businesses, Reno Works will play an even greater role in improving the region and creating a better future for its residents.

The graduates were praised for their dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the program's three guiding principles: work, gratitude, and tenacity. Their remarkable accomplishments within a short timeframe were acknowledged, and it was emphasized that the skills and knowledge gained through Reno Works will benefit them throughout their lives, as they build resumes, excel in interviews, and pursue various opportunities.

Out of the eight participants, five were given job offers by Tesla’s local gigafactory. Five have also secured stable housing for themselves.

The program helped individuals such as Cliff, who was struggling financially as a handyman just before the pandemic.

“It’s incredible how quickly you can become homeless and it becomes your lifestyle. Quickly you begin to lose a lot of things. With it came a lot of depression.”

Cliff wanted to work and had the skills, but struggled when just finding food and shelter took up his day-to-day activities. It wasn’t too long before he lost his ID, his vehicle, and his confidence.

Reno Works helped not only give him an interview and resume training but also gave him a community to support him.

“I haven’t felt this positive and confident in myself for a long time. I’m ready to get back out there”

The event also provided an opportunity to express gratitude to Councilwoman Taylor, who actively supported the program by conducting mock interviews with the participants. Her dedication and generosity served as an inspiration to all. Additionally, the exceptional contributions of sponsors, nonprofit organizations, and businesses were recognized, as they played a pivotal role in making the Reno Works program a success. Their support, both financially and through valuable services, has allowed the program to expand and help even more individuals in need.

Reno Works could not have happened without essential business partnerships. Their overwhelming support demonstrates the strong bond between the program and the local community. Reno Works continues to make a profound difference in addressing homelessness and empowering individuals to achieve sustainable employment in Northern Nevada. Reno Works remains committed to transforming lives, and the support and dedication of the community ensure its continued success in creating positive change.