Sage Street Pop-up Clothing Drive


The KT Grace Foundation, in collaboration with Kindness Matters, Amazon, and Cookies for Kindness, hosted a community event in early March to distribute clothing and essential items to lodgers at the Village on Sage Street. The KT Grace Foundation supports VOA through its warehouse distribution center and partnership with Community Sponsors who donate to their redistribution center. Kim with the KT Grace Foundation set aside pallets of clothing to distribute to the entire community. With the help of her volunteers, they were able to turn a dining room building into a free clothing store for the afternoon.

Over 150 lodgers attended the event and left with a bag full of products and clothing tailored to their needs. Attendees expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to access much-needed items. "I really appreciate this event. It's hard to find clothing that fits me, and it's expensive. This gives me a chance to get what I need," said one attendee.

The event was a huge success, and collaboration was vital. Kindness Matters, Amazon, and Cookies for Kindness all played important roles in ensuring that the event ran smoothly and that attendees had access to a wide range of items. This collaborative effort highlights the power of community organizations to work together to address pressing community needs.

Whether through donating time, money, or resources, we all can make a real difference in the lives of others.