Thank You for Investing In Me

Beyond shelter, Volunteers of America (VOA) works with clients like Beverly to help identify and address trauma or experiences that may negatively affect their ability to get off the streets and back on their feet.

Beverly's personal story represents just one person from the 4,500 people whose lives are changed forever because of you and the supportive services that VOA provided. Beverly was homeless on and off since she was 18 - couch surfing, staying in a trailer, going back to mom and dad's, getting kicked out, then living on the streets. She was on and off welfare for years. "I took and took. I was definitely a blight on society." There came a moment for Beverly when she said to herself, "I have to change. But I don't know how."

Beverly reached out for help and found her way to Volunteers of America. The supportive community at VOA was especially important for Beverly. "I did not know how to interact in a community of my peers at all. I ran on anger and being boisterous, really loud, aggressive, and not really liked," Beverly admits. "VOA taught me how to communicate and be a better person. Most importantly," she says, "VOA taught me how to be a team player, get a house and learn how to get and keep a job." 

Beverly is currently employed at UC Davis Children's Hospital. Her life has completely changed. Looking back at her experience at VOA, she wants donors like you to know that her transformation was a great investment. As she sees it. "You're investing in people that are now giving back to our community, paying taxes, owning homes, and helping to improve our community rather than taking from it."

"When you invest in Volunteers of America, you're not only investing in me -
you're investing in our entire community."