Thanks to You I was Reunited with My Family

Because of your unwavering support, you are supporting programs that help individuals on their journey to achieving self-worth and well-being. You are helping our community and individuals thrive. People like Maurice.

Maurice is disabled and was homeless. Due to untreated medical conditions, he lost his legs. Can you imagine not knowing where you can sleep, or how you will get your wheelchair through the uneven pavement or safely across a busy intersection? Luckily, he found safety and shelter at the Reno Events Center this past summer.

For people like Maurice, being off the streets provides them with peace of mind. Living on the streets is frightening and dangerous for people with disabilities, as some people take advantage of them or cause them harm. He told us how grateful he is to everyone who helps people like him who feel invisible, isolated, and lost. Because of your compassion and support, he was reunited with his family in San Diego.